“Trips to the new metropolitan and innovative regions in Europe”


concept  —  field excursions

The European cities and regions are in flux. Changing the fordistic society into a service society needs new strategic ideas and approaches to handle the future challenges.

Many regions are developing new and fascinating architecture, town-, city and landscapes in answer to the current economic und social problems.

stadtraumreisen shows the local ongoing developments and addresses especially architects, urban planners, landscape architects and regional planners.

stadtraumreisen offers carefully selected and composed field excursions to the European metropolises and metropolitan regions, like Vienna (AT), Ruhrgebiet (DE), Südtirol (IT)…

In groups of maximum 15 persons we are visiting the places of interest on a two to three day trip. stadtraumreisen offers special programs and shows places of interest according to the specific requests within the group.

stadtraumreisen provides professional knowledge, contacts local experts and organizes the trip (flight, bus, train, hotel, guided tours,…)

stadtraumreisen organises also fieldtrips in Vienna with a focus on contemporary urban development.